What people are saying

RightSignature customers in their own words

"The turnaround time on a document signature … that was probably all told a 30-minute process. Now we upload the document, and when it's signed, it's downloaded. It's remarkably easy to use."

– Matt Holdsworth, CPA, Holdsworth Chadd Fuller CPAs

"I was in the process of closing my first 7-figure deal. The document needed to be changed and submitted within an hour and RightSignature made that possible."

– Ashley Hansen, Director of Business Development and Nonprofit Services, Care2.com

"Our onboarding process has more time to spend with the new hire, instead of with their new hire paperwork."

– Damian Wirth, SVP/CHRO, Franklin Bank and Trust Co.

"Being in a tax preparation business, we live our lives by deadlines. I can't even begin to tell you just how much time RightSignature has saved us."

– Gina Migliorini, Practice Manager, Welker & Mojsej, CPAs

"It's SO easy to use and understand. Even a non-technical person can submit a document for signature."

– Darrin Davenport, Business Broker, Common Ground Business Brokers

"I love the fact that it integrates with SalesForce. We can easily generate forms with a click of a button. Also love the notifications."

– Gianni D’Alerta, Director of Marketing, Active PBX

"It is very easy to send documents electronically for a quick review and signature. They have great customer service if you need quick guidance."

– Jessica Irwin, Human Resources Manager, EnSiteUSA

"RightSignature is the simplest way to get documents signed. Period. Before, turnaround time was on average a week, and now the turnaround time is minutes."

– Billy Johnson, Insurance Agent, Billy Johnson Insurance Agency

"Who doesn't love signing their name with their mouse? Brownie points to RightSignature for great price, timely support, and making me more money."

– Lorne Fade, CTO, Academic Ads

"We don't have 'lost' documents anymore."

– Angela Knox, Human Resources Assistant, Concordia Publishing House

"Late Friday afternoon and an out-of-town client needs an insurance policy bound before the end of business. RightSignature allowed him to sign it within a matter of minutes."

– Bill Sims, Account Executive, Kendall & Associates Insurance Agency

"Clients always wait until the last minute, and being able to send all our forms for them to sign in one clear document always saves the day."

– Michael Chuber, President & CEO, Selective Associates, Inc.